Spoken Language 11 is designed to support students as they refine, clarify, and adjust their spoken communication through practice and revision. The course provides opportunities for students to, with increasing independence, study, create, write, and present original and authentic pieces for a range of purposes and real-world audiences. They will expand their competencies through processes of drafting, reflecting, and revising to build a body of work that demonstrates expanding breadth, depth, and evidence of spoken language genres for a range of situations. They will develop confidence in their abilities as they consolidate their spoken language skills.

The following are possible areas of focus in Spoken Language 11:

• performance – suggested content/topics include spoken word/slam poetry, poetry recitation, oral storytelling, readers’ theatre, radio/podcasts/video posts

• oral tradition – suggested content/topics include oratory, local story knowledge, oral history

• professional applications – suggested content/topics include speech writing/presenting, proposals, interviewing, event facilitation, radio/podcasts/video posts (information items), voice-overs